🔥 Your Mission

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Post-Camp Survey Link:

  1. https://forms.gle/NCCwLD3j7P8gk2Kc9
  2. https://ins.gt/SHK1eT


Design Prompt: Your mission is to create a playable game (does not have to be fully complete, can be a playable prototype). Can be any kind of game (RPG, platformer, etc.).

Work in a small team to make a video game together. (Min. 2 people in a team)

  1. Must be a video game engine of your choice (GB Studio or PICO-8)
  2. Must have:
    1. 1 Custom Level (Top-down or Platformer)

    2. 1 Title Screen

    3. Logo screen: Use “Chabot Game Lab”


    4. Collect something/make something disappear

    5. 1 Trigger

    6. 1 Custom music track

  3. Must have done at least one user test with feedback that was used to improve the game.


  1. Set roles for your group. Example:

    1. Project Manager
    2. Programmer (ideally 2, pair programming)
    3. Art (ideally 2 - maps, sprites)
    4. Music producer
  2. Create a Bullseye Diagram and decide as a team what your game should be:

    1. Choose a type of game (platformer, top-down)
    2. Choose a theme, story, world


  1. Create a level together
    1. When working together, use a USB thumb-drive to compile all the sprites, maps, and music onto one main computer (the computer that has the programming on it).