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What’s the point of a storyboard?

It shows the user’s experience and the whole “flow” of a game. It shows how the player feels throughout the game.

All kinds of designers benefit from using a storyboard—game designers, web designers, and more. A storyboard shows the steps that the player will experience for the whole game or product, starting from the beginning. This is similar to the intro, where all the pieces and characters are set up. And the “flow” or customer journey is the whole storyboard.

Storyboard Example:


  1. The storyboard steps begin with having the Connect 4 board set up, with no pieces in it. Player’s Mood: Player anticipates battle. 🫡. Do this with the remaining steps!

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  2. Player chooses which color they want (red or black). Player’s mood: ______

  3. Then the player places a piece of their color in the board. Player’s mood: ______

  4. The player waits for the enemy’s turn. Player’s mood: ______

  5. The game keeps playing until there are 4 pieces in a row. Player’s mood: ______

  6. The winner is declared. Player’s mood: ______

  7. The pieces are reset. Player’s mood: ______


Create a storyboard for a tabletop game (a board game/ card game).

Use Figma and this Storyboarding template (You must sign in to use Figma):